Thank you for inquiring after our submission guidelines. We have several information styles we share with our readers. 

  • Military Spotlight Send us your military resume! Include your high-resolution image (preferably in uniform), the date you entered, where you attended training, years at each station, job descriptions, accolades, successes, etc.

  • Woman Veteran Business Spotlight  Let us share your successful woman veteran business

  • Woman Veteran Personal Article, Poem, or Humor in Uniform Some women prefer to submit their own articles anywhere from a few simple paragraphs, poem, humorous quip or story, or even a full thought-provoing essay. You may have something significant that happened while you served that requires recognition or needs volume to help others; or, you may be more interested in sharing what you're doing now and how some military event shaped your current lifestyle, activities, or business. We also have women veterans on a mission to reach out to other women veterans -maybe a demographic or minority that is being overlooked, a tenet of faith or hope you wish to share, or a life experience you feel will be helpful to our readers.

  • Interview Style This style is for the woman veteran who has a unique story to tell about her experience while serving or beyond. We set up time to interview; we write the content, and then we have your review to be sure details are captured correctly. Sample questions are below:

  • What led you toward military service?

  • How long did you serve? Where? Which designation? 

  • Was there a pivotal moment in the military that helped you in military or during transition to civilian life?

  • Do you have unique challenges you'd like to share?

  • What are your successes?

  • What would you like to impart to other women veterans and those who love them?


Publication Requirements

  • Word Counts

    • 750/1000 words - 2 to 3 page article

    • 1000/1500 words - 3 to 4 page article

    • 1500/2000 words - 4 to 5 page article

  • Images

    • All articles must be accompanied by up to 10 professional photos 

    • Please do provide captions 

    • If unable to obtain images, we'll select ones matching article feel

  • Layout/Proof

    • Do not attempt to layout your article, a plain MS Word or Google doc is preferred with a basic font Arial or Times New Roma 11

  • Submit items to

Publication Deadlines

  • Spring February 28th

  • Summer May 31st 

  • Fall August 31st

  • Winter -November 30th

We look forward to working with you to amplify our women veterans' thoughts, experiences, and successes stories!