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Submission Guidelines 

  •  Advertising 

  • Military Spotlight Send us your military resume with all awards listed so we can highlight your military career! Include high-resolution images of yourself in uniform as well as in civilian clothing. We also want to hear about your accolades after getting out, successes, family, etc.

  • Business Spotlight Please send us a writeup about your business for a 1-page business spotlight. Include your website, social media information, and high resolution photos (lots!). 

  • Personal Article, Poem, or Humor in Uniform Submit a few simple paragraphs about an experience you'd like to share, poem(s), humorous quip or story, or even a full thought-provoking essay. You may have something significant that happened while you served requiring recognition or is helpful to others; or, you may be more interested in sharing what you're doing now and how a military event shaped your current lifestyle, activities, or business. We also have women veterans on a mission to reach out to other women veterans -maybe a demographic or minority being overlooked, a tenet of faith, hope you wish to share, or a life experience you feel will be helpful to our readers. 

  • Interview Send us a short summary; in turn, we will set up time to interview you. We may email you a series of questions to answer prior to your interview. We will; work through your answers during the interview (phone/video) to gather more information. One of our writers will draft the article and you will then receive an invite to review and suggest revisions. One of our writers will finalize the article for publication. 


Publication Requirements

  • Word Counts

    • 750/1000 words - 2 to 3 page article

    • 1000/1500 words - 3 to 4 page article

    • 1500/2000 words - 4 to 5 page article

  • Images All articles must be accompanied by no less than 10 high-resolution photos with captionsIf you are unable to obtain images, we'll select ones matching article feel.

  • Layout/Proof

    • Plain text (unformatted) Word, Google , or email

    • It is important for you to extract any images and remove any formatting prior to submission

    • Our publisher will lay out text and images

Publication Deadlines

Spring - February 28th

Summer - May 31st 

Fall - August 31st

Winter - November 30th

Submit to

We look forward to working with you to amplify our women veterans' thoughts, experiences, and successes stories! 

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