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  • How often is AVOW Magazine published?
    AVOW Magazine is currently being released/published on a digital platform each quarter in December, March, June, and September.
  • I am a writer, can I submit an article?"
    While we have many writers on our staff, we are always looking for additional writers. Please contact us directly and we will see if we have a need at this time.
  • I am not a veteran, but I love your magazine. How can I help?"
    There are so many things that veterans and non-veterans alike can do, such as: 1. Promote AVOW Magazine online through your personal and group pages 2. Reach out to your veteran family and friends; let them know about the magazine 3. There are numerous organizations catering to veterans needing volunteers, so find out what is happening in your area and we encourage supporting veterans this way
  • Our veteran's group has an event coming up; will you publish information about it?
    While we would like to support all military-style events, unfortunately we do not have the space in our magazine to be able to share all events. If you would like to announce your event as a paid advertisement, please review our Advertisers info.
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